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Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act, passed on March 23, 2010, almost everyone will be required to have health insurance in 2014. The Federally Facilitated Marketplace opened October 1, 2013. Health care is changing. Many people now have more options to choose from when considering health coverage. They may also qualify for financial aid from the government - help that can lower their premium rate or out-of-pocket costs. And their health status will not matter because health plans cannot deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions.
Short Term Major Medical When you find yourself in a position that leaves you without health insurance, whether starting a new job, between jobs, whatever the reason this is the coverage for you. Going without health insurance puts you at grave financial risk. This policy, aptly named Short-term insurance offers you temporary health coverage.
Medicare Advantage Plans Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC has been in the business of insuring seniors for over 50 years. Dedicated to the needs of seniors and making sure that the products offered are affordable Blue Cross is the leader in senior products. Some plans offer features such as automatic claims filing, monthly bank draft payments, and the use of the Blue Cross network of hospitals and doctors. Seniors can continue to enjoy the same level of care they received while working. Some policies are guaranteed renewable-as long as you pay the premiums.
Disability When faced with a life's crisis, as we all are at one time or another it is comforting to know that our income is safe. That allows us the time to deal with our crisis without losing all that we have worked for. Disability insurance can be employer based or purchased as a stand alone product. Either way monthly benefits are paid directly to you allowing you to continue to live in the style you have become accustomed to while dealing with life's crisis. When you realize what is at risk, and the cost to insure it you will agree that this insurance should be part of every families emergency preparedness kit.
Employee Benefit Packages In today's market place employee retention is paramount to success, and hiring the most qualified person usually involves an enticing benefits package. Offering group health insurance along with a package of supplemental benefits gives your company a professional advantage.
Retirement Plans Like it or not, fear is one of the deciding factors in making long term retirement plans. We have been programmed to believe that the sky is falling. If you listen to the media it seems that every investment is risky, every CEO is a crook and there are no safe investments left. Some agents make decisions on how best to invest their client's money based on the commission they will earn. Many captive agents have quotas to meet or a sales manager standing behind them pushing a particular product. You have safe investment options, you just are not always informed of their existence.

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